Getting Started with PeopleGoal

This page will help you get started with PeopleGoal. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

API Overview

PeopleGoal V2 is a REST API for interacting with your personal PeopleGoal v2 account. Every request made to the API is made with a personal token tied to your user account on PeopleGoal.

Personal Access Tokens (PATs)

The API uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication. For more information on JWTs please visit To start interacting with the API you should generate a Personal Access Token (PAT) from within the PeopleGoal Application:

  • Navigate to your user profile page
  • Click 'Settings' tab
  • Expand the PAT (Personal Access Token) section
  • Click 'Generate Personal Access Token



PeopleGoal supports the use of the OAuth2 authentication strategy on our Enterprise plan. We support generating and building applications on the PeopleGoal API. Each application will return a client_secret and client_id value pair which can be used with the client_credentials, authorization and token/refresh token strategies. For more details on this please contact your account manager.

Copy your PAT and use it in the header of your API requests. For example, a request should have the key/value of Authorization: Bearer Token. If you lose your PAT this can be regenerated by following the steps above. Previous PATs will be invalidated.

Using the API

You can make requests to the API using the authentication strategies above. To learn about our end-points please navigate to API Reference.

What’s Next

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